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Shift3 Lookbook Wireless Reader, 1636372  |  Model No: [1636372 RB]   |  Factory Refurbished   |   Free Shipping $32.69
Product Part No: 1636372 RB  

The Shift3 Lookbook Wireless Reader allows you to choose from millions of book titles with its built-in global bookstore, powered by Kobo Books. Showcases a 7-inch full-color LCD screen and includes designer carrying case.


  • Display screen: Vivid 7-inch, full-color LCD screen
  • Connect over WiFi to the built-in Kobo bookstore, boasting over 2 million titles
  • User friendly controls and searches
  • Broad support of industry standard e-book formats, such as ePub, PDF, TXT, and others
  • Customize your wireless reader experience with an array of bookshelf designs, typefaces, and font sizes
  • Adjustable brightness and optional night mode allows reading in any environment
  • Easily flip through pages with the navigation buttons located on both sides of the wireless reader
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of continuous reading
  • Bookmarking feature holds your place electronically, allowing you to pick up right where you left off whether on your Lookbook, your smart phone or your computer
  • Included bonus designer case and 150 free digital books included
  • 512MB storage capacity, expandable up to 8GB with memory card (not included)
  • Includes Lookbook, AC adapter, USB cable, and designer case
  • Dimensions: 9 inches long x 5 inches wide x 0.5 inch deep

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